Axinia Samoilova
education visionary
After years of research on history of innovations in education I filtered the polymathic learning as the solution for the 21th century and applied it successfully while homeschooling.

My next step is to set up "an upgraded" school, an educational institution of a new type already in 2019.
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  1. University degree in linguistics, pedagogy and intercultural communication; Study of practical psychology
  2. I have over 10 years of experience as an HR manager and headhunter
  3. I have experience and passion for the Keynote Speaking
  4. I am Russian and have lived in Western Europe for over 20 years
  5. I have a deep interest in, and experience with the Indian, Chinese and Islamic cultures
  6. I contribute to the civil movement Economy for the Common Good
  7. I have been practicing meditation for over 20 years
  8. I am happily married and have a 8 year-old daughter
  9. I dance classical Indian dance (Kathak)
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I studied Linguistics, Pedagogy, Intercultural Communication, and Practical Psychology in Russia and acquired my first pedagogical experience in Italy and Austria. This was the first time I thought of one day starting my own school. Unexpectedly my main field of work became Human Resources and Headhunting, which gave me great insight into the job market and understanding its requirements.

When my daughter was born, I realized that such a freedom-loving and creative child would not flourish in the modern education system. I felt an overwhelming urge to do something about it! This is when I recalled my idea of starting a school and began developing a suitable pedagogical concept.

My first step was to study the international experiences of innovative teachers. Then I realized that I needed to dig deeper, and started exploring the sophisticated and complex history of pedagogy. The more I studied the more I realized there was so much to learn. It became clear that in order to comprehend the history of pedagogy I needed to know the context of its development, and the course of world history. From there I delved into the history of the arts, followed the history of the economy. It took me 4 years to go through various historical materials, available to me in three languages - Russian, English and German. I interviewed about 30 people of different nationalities about their national education system and pedagogical traditions. 

When the big picture finally started taking shape, I realized not only what my ideal school would be, but also how little people knew about the pedagogical treasures from around the world. There was plenty of know-how already in existence and ready to be used. Following an urge to share I started giving lectures and talks on the history of world pedagogy ​​and current educational issues.

The desire to share lead to my new goal  to write a book.

You may ask what happened to my idea of creating a new school...Well it underwent some transformations; I don't see it as a "school" any more, but more of a special learning space, an educational center unlike any other, but that embraced ideas of the past and present: THE POLYMATH HOUSE!

My school concept is ready and I am pursuing some serious funding (any hint of a generous sponsor is most welcome). I invite you to find out more here.
In the meantime I continue to homeschool (or perhaps a better phrase would be home-learn) my daughter and nephew. This
unique learning experience confirms my vision and gives me confidence in my pedagogical approach. Check out the page " Homeschooling" for insights.

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